Friday, 12 October 2012

UK Road Cycling Laws and Rules Explained

Cyclists and Drivers are all road users

This blog has been written to try and clear up some commonly misunderstood rules of the road relating to cyclists. A lot of people think they know the law and will gladly share their opinion on it with others without having actually read the Highway Code so this website should help clear a few matters up.

I'm Simon and I drive a car and ride a bike. I've noticed over the years whilst driving and cycling that there are quite a few people who either do not know the law or choose to break it so I've decided to try and make people aware of them and offer my opinion on why they're there and how best to share the road.

I aim to write about the topics which are relevant to cycling on the road, including riding two abreast, overtaking cyclists safely (according to the Highway Code), Road Tax and cycle lanes. I also know that cyclists are no saints so I will also be writing about jumping lights, riding on the pavement, helmets and clothing as well as trying to discuss drivers' attitudes towards cyclists and vice versa.

As I'm writing this in my spare time it may take me a while to get through everything to please bear with me. As a start, I've published my page on Cycling Two Abreast!

Update 10/10/12: I've now published my page on overtaking cyclists safely.
Update 12/10/12: I've now published my page on attitudes towards cyclists.

I will try and reference real laws (and sources) when I'm stating facts but please let me know if you disagree with anything.

Happy reading!